Android Hardware Abstraction Layer
Data Fields
camera3_error_msg Struct Reference

#include <camera3.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t frame_number
int error_code

Detailed Description


Message contents for CAMERA3_MSG_ERROR

Definition at line 1421 of file camera3.h.

Field Documentation

int error_code

The code for this error; one of the CAMERA_MSG_ERROR enum values.

Definition at line 1437 of file camera3.h.

camera3_stream_t* error_stream

Pointer to the stream that had a failure. NULL if the stream isn't applicable to the error.

Definition at line 1432 of file camera3.h.

uint32_t frame_number

Frame number of the request the error applies to. 0 if the frame number isn't applicable to the error.

Definition at line 1426 of file camera3.h.

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