Running CTS Verifier tests with ATS

Android Test Station supports running Android UIConductor (UICD) tests, including automated CTS Verifier (CTS-V) tests.

Setting Up

Before you can run CTS-V tests with ATS, you must import the CTS Verifier configuration which contains the necessary test suites and device actions.

  1. Open the Settings and navigate to the Config Sets tab.

  2. Click Import and select the CTS Verifier config set. You may need to authorize ATS to access Google Cloud Storage.

    Import configuration

    Figure 1. Importing the CTS-V configuration

Running Tests

  1. Schedule a UIConductor Test test run (under Test Suites > CTS Verifier). This test suite can be used to run any exported UICD tests, including CTS-V tests.

    Schedule test run

    Figure 2. Scheduling a UICD test run

  2. Add the Install UIConductor and Install CTS Verifier device actions. This will install the UICD drivers and the CTS-V app, and configure the device for testing.

    Add device actions

    Figure 3. Adding the required device actions

  3. Select the UICD tests to run. By default, the file is expected to be a zip archive containing JSON test files exported from UICD.

    Select test file

    Figure 4. Selecting the test files to execute

  4. Start the test run and wait for completion. Screenshots, XML dumps, and logs generated during the run will be available in the output files.