Android Automotive Bootcamp Presentations

Find out what's new in Android 11 for Android Automotive:

  1. Android Automotive OS Audio in Android 11. Hear about vehicle sounds, multi-zone audio, and audio focus.
  2. Automotive Bluetooth. Learn how to support messaging, cover art, and multi-device media through Bluetooth and Bluetooth certification.
  3. Automotive Emulator. This emulator presentation showcases how Google uses emulators to develop Android releases and apps and how partners can leverage the same strategy in their development and testing efforts. You also learn how to create your own AAOS-based AVD image.
  4. Camera Extended View System (EVS) and Surround View. Learn about the new Extended View System (EVS) and Surround View introduced in Android 11.
  5. Car Framework, Part 1. This talk provides an architecture overview of the Car Framework software, new features introduced in Android 11, as well as multi-display and cluster, including a cluster architecture review, cluster display configuration, and debugging tips.
  6. Car Framework, Part 2. This session describes how to make a reliable system (CarService crash recovery and Car Watchdog), best practices in car product configuration and development (including privileged permission, hidden API, changing the default configuration, and managing OEM apps), as well as guidance for working with Google, such as to make contributions to AOSP and car framework testing.
  7. Car User Interface (UI) Library.. Learn how to use use Car-ui-lib to customize the System UI of head units while remaining compatible with Android Automotive.
  8. Driver Distraction. This session highlights the requirements and expectations for Distraction Optimization (DO) in apps, UX Restrictions (UXR)configuration, and tips to simulate different driving states in Android 11.
  9. Multi-User. Listen to a review of the multi-user changes made in Android 11, including User HAL, package allowlisting, and performance.
  10. Rotary Framework. Learn about the requirements for OEMs and application developers to support rotary and hear about ways to customize the experience.
  11. Sensors and Location. This presentation describes the new APIs introduced in CarPropertyManager as well as ultrasonic and parking sensors in Android 11.
  12. System UI. Hear about changes made to System UI in Android 11.
  13. Virtualization. Listen to a talk about virtualization in Android Automotive OS by leveraging and extending VIRTIO.