Location Bypass Allowlist Policy

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To enable your driver assistance app to be controlled separately from the general location switch, you must allowlist the app. This page describes the requirements needed by apps to be allowlisted.

An ADAS app is a pre-loaded Android app that exchanges information between the in-vehicle map database, ADAS features and functionality, as well as other automated driving features outside Android.

Personal and sensitive information

If an app handles sensitive user data, then the app:

  • MUST limit the access, collection, use, and sharing of personal or sensitive data acquired through the app for purposes directly related to providing and improving the user's driving experience.
  • MUST provide a privacy policy to comprehensively disclose the types of personal and sensitive data your APK accesses, collects, uses, and shares and any parties with whom personal or sensitive user data is shared.
  • MUST handle all personal or sensitive user data securely, including its transmission using modern cryptography (for example, over HTTPS).

The app’s privacy policy disclosure:

  • MUST be posted in the designated fields in Location settings.
  • MUST be presented as an independent disclosure and not be included with other disclosures unrelated to user data.
  • MUST include a comprehensive list of the types of data being accessed or collected.
  • MUST explain the purposes for which the data is accessed, used (for example, which features and functionality the data supports or how the data is used to improve the app), collected (for example, where the data is stored), and shared with other entities (third party or affiliated).

Functionality beyond driving assistance

The primary functionality of the ADAS APK must be listed in the allowable features below and MUST be required for the ADAS features to function. It MUST NOT contain any nonessential functionality that can be separated into a different APK.

Allowable ADAS features include:

  • Speed limit visualization and alerting.
  • Lane departure warnings.
  • Lane centering.
  • Lane change assistance.
  • Adaptive cruise control.

Best Practices for handling sensor information

If the app sends location data off the device, then you SHOULD only:

  • Send the most coarse sensor information needed for functionality.
  • Send anonymized data whenever possible.
  • Retain the information temporarily for the shortest period of time needed for functionality.