public interface IStrictShardableTest
implements IRemoteTest
Known Indirect Subclasses
AndroidJUnitTest A Test that runs an instrumentation test package on given device using the 
GTest A Test that runs a native test package on given device. 
HostTest A test runner for JUnit host based tests. 
ITestSuite Abstract class used to run Test Suite. 
InstalledInstrumentationsTest Runs all instrumentation found on current device. 
TfSuiteRunner Implementation of ITestSuite which will load tests from TF jars res/config/suite/ folder. 
VersionedTfLauncher A IRemoteTest for running tests against a separate TF installation. 

A IRemoteTest that can be sharded into separately executable sub-tests. The splitting into sub-tests is expected to be deterministic and each sub-test should be independent in order to allow for execution of different shards on different hosts.


Public methods

abstract IRemoteTest getTestShard(int shardCount, int shardIndex)

Returns a IRemoteTest for a single shard.

Public methods


IRemoteTest getTestShard (int shardCount, 
                int shardIndex)

Returns a IRemoteTest for a single shard. This must be deterministic and always return the same IRemoteTest for the same input.

shardCount int: the number of total shards
shardIndex int: the index of a test shard to return. The value is in range [0, shardCount).
IRemoteTest a IRemoteTest