AGpsInterface Struct Reference

#include <gps.h>

Data Fields

size_t size
void(* init )(AGpsCallbacks *callbacks)
int(* data_conn_open )(const char *apn)
int(* data_conn_closed )()
int(* data_conn_failed )()
int(* set_server )(AGpsType type, const char *hostname, int port)
int(* data_conn_open_with_apn_ip_type )(const char *apn, ApnIpType apnIpType)

Detailed Description

Extended interface for AGPS support, it is augmented to enable to pass extra APN data.

Definition at line 921 of file gps.h.

Field Documentation

int(* data_conn_closed)()

Notifies that the AGPS data connection has been closed.

Definition at line 939 of file gps.h.

int(* data_conn_failed)()

Notifies that a data connection is not available for AGPS.

Definition at line 943 of file gps.h.

int(* data_conn_open)(const char *apn)

Deprecated. If the HAL supports AGpsInterface_v2 this API will not be used, see data_conn_open_with_apn_ip_type for more information.

Definition at line 935 of file gps.h.

int(* data_conn_open_with_apn_ip_type)(const char *apn, ApnIpType apnIpType)

Notifies that a data connection is available and sets the name of the APN, and its IP type, to be used for SUPL connections.

Definition at line 953 of file gps.h.

void(* init)(AGpsCallbacks *callbacks)

Opens the AGPS interface and provides the callback routines to the implementation of this interface.

Definition at line 929 of file gps.h.

int(* set_server)(AGpsType type, const char *hostname, int port)

Sets the hostname and port for the AGPS server.

Definition at line 947 of file gps.h.

size_t size

set to sizeof(AGpsInterface)

Definition at line 923 of file gps.h.

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