FlpBatchOptions Struct Reference

#include <fused_location.h>

Data Fields

double max_power_allocation_mW
uint32_t sources_to_use
uint32_t flags
int64_t period_ns

Detailed Description

Options with the batching FLP APIs

Definition at line 198 of file fused_location.h.

Field Documentation

uint32_t flags

FLP_BATCH_WAKEUP_ON_FIFO_FULL - If set the hardware will wake up the AP when the buffer is full. If not set, the hardware will drop the oldest location object.

FLP_BATCH_CALLBACK_ON_LOCATION_FIX - If set the location callback will be called every time there is a location fix. Its the responsibility of the upper layers (caller) to switch it off, if it knows that the AP might go to sleep. When this bit is on amidst a batching session, batching should continue while location fixes are reported in real time.

Other flags to be bitwised ORed in the future.

Definition at line 224 of file fused_location.h.

double max_power_allocation_mW

Maximum power in mW that the underlying implementation can use for this batching call. If max_power_allocation_mW is 0, only fixes that are generated at no additional cost of power shall be reported.

Definition at line 205 of file fused_location.h.

int64_t period_ns

Frequency with which location needs to be batched in nano seconds.

Definition at line 230 of file fused_location.h.

uint32_t sources_to_use

Bitwise OR of the FLP_TECH_MASKS to use

Definition at line 208 of file fused_location.h.

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