GpsSvStatus Struct Reference

#include <gps.h>

Data Fields

size_t size
int num_svs
GpsSvInfo sv_list [GPS_MAX_SVS]
uint32_t ephemeris_mask
uint32_t almanac_mask
uint32_t used_in_fix_mask

Detailed Description

Legacy struct to represents SV status. Deprecated, to be removed in the next Android release. Use GnssSvStatus instead.

Definition at line 628 of file gps.h.

Field Documentation

uint32_t almanac_mask

Definition at line 634 of file gps.h.

uint32_t ephemeris_mask

Definition at line 633 of file gps.h.

int num_svs

Definition at line 631 of file gps.h.

size_t size

set to sizeof(GpsSvStatus)

Definition at line 630 of file gps.h.

Definition at line 632 of file gps.h.

uint32_t used_in_fix_mask

Definition at line 635 of file gps.h.

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