bt_callbacks_t Struct Reference

#include <bluetooth.h>

Data Fields

size_t size
adapter_state_changed_callback adapter_state_changed_cb
adapter_properties_callback adapter_properties_cb
remote_device_properties_callback remote_device_properties_cb
device_found_callback device_found_cb
discovery_state_changed_callback discovery_state_changed_cb
pin_request_callback pin_request_cb
ssp_request_callback ssp_request_cb
bond_state_changed_callback bond_state_changed_cb
acl_state_changed_callback acl_state_changed_cb
callback_thread_event thread_evt_cb
dut_mode_recv_callback dut_mode_recv_cb
le_test_mode_callback le_test_mode_cb
energy_info_callback energy_info_cb

Detailed Description

TODO: Add callbacks for Link Up/Down and other generic notifications/callbacks Bluetooth DM callback structure.

Definition at line 400 of file bluetooth.h.

Field Documentation

acl_state_changed_callback acl_state_changed_cb

Definition at line 411 of file bluetooth.h.

adapter_properties_callback adapter_properties_cb

Definition at line 404 of file bluetooth.h.

adapter_state_changed_callback adapter_state_changed_cb

Definition at line 403 of file bluetooth.h.

bond_state_changed_callback bond_state_changed_cb

Definition at line 410 of file bluetooth.h.

device_found_callback device_found_cb

Definition at line 406 of file bluetooth.h.

discovery_state_changed_callback discovery_state_changed_cb

Definition at line 407 of file bluetooth.h.

dut_mode_recv_callback dut_mode_recv_cb

Definition at line 413 of file bluetooth.h.

energy_info_callback energy_info_cb

Definition at line 415 of file bluetooth.h.

le_test_mode_callback le_test_mode_cb

Definition at line 414 of file bluetooth.h.

pin_request_callback pin_request_cb

Definition at line 408 of file bluetooth.h.

remote_device_properties_callback remote_device_properties_cb

Definition at line 405 of file bluetooth.h.

size_t size

set to sizeof(bt_callbacks_t)

Definition at line 402 of file bluetooth.h.

ssp_request_callback ssp_request_cb

Definition at line 409 of file bluetooth.h.

callback_thread_event thread_evt_cb

Definition at line 412 of file bluetooth.h.

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