bt_hc_interface_t Struct Reference

#include <bt_hci_lib.h>

Data Fields

size_t size
int(* init )(const bt_hc_callbacks_t *p_cb, unsigned char *local_bdaddr)
void(* set_power )(bt_hc_chip_power_state_t state)
int(* lpm )(bt_hc_low_power_event_t event)
void(* preload )(TRANSAC transac)
void(* postload )(TRANSAC transac)
int(* transmit_buf )(TRANSAC transac, char *p_buf, int len)
int(* logging )(bt_hc_logging_state_t state, char *p_path, bool save_existing)
void(* cleanup )(void)
int(* tx_cmd )(TRANSAC transac, char *p_buf, int len)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 165 of file bt_hci_lib.h.

Field Documentation

void(* cleanup)(void)

Closes the interface

Definition at line 194 of file bt_hci_lib.h.

int(* init)(const bt_hc_callbacks_t *p_cb, unsigned char *local_bdaddr)

Opens the interface and provides the callback routines to the implemenation of this interface.

Definition at line 173 of file bt_hci_lib.h.

int(* logging)(bt_hc_logging_state_t state, char *p_path, bool save_existing)

Controls HCI logging on/off

Definition at line 191 of file bt_hci_lib.h.

int(* lpm)(bt_hc_low_power_event_t event)

Set low power mode wake

Definition at line 179 of file bt_hci_lib.h.

void(* postload)(TRANSAC transac)

Called post stack initialization

Definition at line 185 of file bt_hci_lib.h.

void(* preload)(TRANSAC transac)

Called prior to stack initialization

Definition at line 182 of file bt_hci_lib.h.

void(* set_power)(bt_hc_chip_power_state_t state)

Chip power control

Definition at line 176 of file bt_hci_lib.h.

size_t size

Set to sizeof(bt_hc_interface_t)

Definition at line 167 of file bt_hci_lib.h.

int(* transmit_buf)(TRANSAC transac, char *p_buf, int len)

Transmit buffer

Definition at line 188 of file bt_hci_lib.h.

int(* tx_cmd)(TRANSAC transac, char *p_buf, int len)

sends commands to hc layer (e.g. SCO state)

Definition at line 197 of file bt_hci_lib.h.

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