camera3_stream_buffer_set Struct Reference

#include <camera3.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t num_buffers
buffer_handle_t ** buffers

Detailed Description


The complete set of gralloc buffers for a stream. This structure is given to register_stream_buffers() to allow the camera HAL device to register/map/etc newly allocated stream buffers.


Deprecated (and not used). In particular, register_stream_buffers is also deprecated and will never be invoked.

Definition at line 1844 of file camera3.h.

Field Documentation

buffer_handle_t** buffers

The array of gralloc buffer handles for this stream. If the stream format is set to HAL_PIXEL_FORMAT_IMPLEMENTATION_DEFINED, the camera HAL device should inspect the passed-in buffers to determine any platform-private pixel format information.

Definition at line 1862 of file camera3.h.

uint32_t num_buffers

The number of buffers in this stream. It is guaranteed to be at least stream->max_buffers.

Definition at line 1854 of file camera3.h.

The stream handle for the stream these buffers belong to

Definition at line 1848 of file camera3.h.

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