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  • Host activity: TelecomActivity
  • Fragment: DialpadFragment

Landscape Mode


Update @layout/dialpad_fragment

Dialpad screen

Figure 1. Dialpad screen

Component [id:]ClassName Property Value
keypad: KeypadFragment width Decided by the height, width, and padding of the key buttons
dialpad_info: FrameLayout height Same as height of keypad
width Same as height
divider: View layout_constraintGuide_percent 0.5


  • Fragment. KeypadFragment
  • Layout. @layout/keypad
  • Keypad

    Figure 2. Keypad

    Component [id:]ClassName Property Value
    KeypadButtons app:numberText 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,*,0,#
    app:letterText "",ABC,DEF,GHI,JKL,MNO,PQRS,TUV,WXYZ,"",+,""
    style @style/KeypadButtonStyle
    Layout Packed chain vertically and horizontally


Update @layout/keypad_dividers. Do not use dividers on short screens less than 456dp.

Component [id:]ClassName Property Value
dividers height @dimen/dialpad_line_divider_height (for horizontal dividers)
width @dimen/dialpad_line_divider_height (for vertical dividers)
background @color/divider_color


@KeypadButtonStyle will be applied to the KeypadButton, which extends FrameLayout.

Component [id:]ClassName Property Value
LinearLayout width @dimen/keypad_minimum_size
height @dimen/keypad_minimum_size
keypad_number: TextView style @style/KeypadNumber
keypad_letters: TextView style @style/KeypadLetter
textAllCaps true
keypad_image: ImageView tint @color/car_key2
visibility gone

Dialpad Info

Layout. @layout/dialpad_info

Dialpad info

Figure 3. Dialpad info

Component [id:]ClassName Property Value

title: TextView

The AOSP reference implemented input motion on the title field.

To disable the motion, override @bool/config_enable_dial_motion to false.

height @dimen/dialpad_info_title_container_size
textAppearance @style/TextAppearance.DialNumber
(This style is also applied to the title programmatically in the DialpadFragment.)
autoSizeTextType uniform
autoSizeMinTextSize @dimen/dialpad_info_title_text_size_min
autoSizeMaxTextSize @dimen/dialpad_info_title_text_size_max
delete_button: ImageView style @style/DialpadSecondaryButton
src @drawable/ic_backspace
marginStart/td> dimen/dialpad_info_title_padding_size
call_button: ImageView style @style/DialpadPrimaryButton
src @drawable/icon_call_button
include @layout/dialpad_user_profile layout_marginTop @dimen/dialpad_user_profile_padding
  • @layout/dialpad_user_profile

    • Gated by @bool/config_show_detailed_user_profile_on_dialpad to display the label and avatar. Default value is false, which shows the display name only.
    • Component [id:]ClassName Property Value
      display_name: TextView textAppearance @style/TextAppearance.DialpadDisplayName
      label: TextView textAppearance ?android:attr/textAppreanceSmall
      layout_marginTop @dimen/dialpad_contact_label_margin
      dialpad_contact_avatar: ImageView width @dimen/dialpad_contact_avatar_size
      height @dimen/dialpad_contact_avatar_size

Portrait Mode

Layout. @layout[-port]/dialpad_fragment

Portrait mode

Figure 4. Portrait mode

Component [id:]ClassName Property Value
keypad: KeypadFragment width Decided by the height, width and padding of the key buttons, See Keypad.
N/A See the dialpad_user_profile section in Dialpad info in landscape mode.
divider: View layout_constraintGuide_percent 0.5
title: TextView Same as title in Dialpad info in landscape mode.
delete_button: ImageView Same as delete_button in Dialpad info in landscape mode.
call_button: ImageView style @style/DialpadPrimaryButton
height @dimen/call_button_height
src @drawable/icon_call_button
layout_marginBottom @dimen/call_button_bottom_margin