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public class


extends Object
implements TestListener

Class Overview

A class that listens to TestListener events and forwards them to an ITestInvocationListener.


Public Constructors
JUnitToInvocationResultForwarder(ITestInvocationListener invocationListener)
JUnitToInvocationResultForwarder(List<ITestInvocationListener> invocationListeners)
Public Methods
void addError(Test test, Throwable t)
void addFailure(Test test, AssertionFailedError t)
void endTest(Test test)
void startTest(Test test)
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object
From interface junit.framework.TestListener

Public Constructors

public JUnitToInvocationResultForwarder (ITestInvocationListener invocationListener)

public JUnitToInvocationResultForwarder (List<ITestInvocationListener> invocationListeners)

Public Methods

public void addError (Test test, Throwable t)

public void addFailure (Test test, AssertionFailedError t)

public void endTest (Test test)

public void startTest (Test test)