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public static class


extends Object

Class Overview

Container for email message data.


String HTML
String PLAIN
Public Constructors
IEmail.Message(String to, String subject, String body)
Convenience constructor: create a simple message
Public Methods
void addBcc(String address)
void addCc(String address)
void addTo(String address)
Collection<String> getBcc()
String getBody()
Collection<String> getCc()
String getContentType()
String getSender()
String getSubject()
Collection<String> getTo()
boolean isHtml()
void setBody(String body)
void setContentType(String contentType)
void setHtml(boolean html)
void setSender(String sender)
void setSubject(String subject)
void setTos(String[] recipients)
Set the recipients.
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object


static final String HTML

Constant Value: "text/html"

static final String PLAIN

Constant Value: "text/plain"

Public Constructors

public IEmail.Message ()

public IEmail.Message (String to, String subject, String body)

Convenience constructor: create a simple message

to Single destination address
subject Subject
body Message body

Public Methods

public void addBcc (String address)

public void addCc (String address)

public void addTo (String address)

public Collection<String> getBcc ()

public String getBody ()

public Collection<String> getCc ()

public String getContentType ()

public String getSender ()

public String getSubject ()

public Collection<String> getTo ()

public boolean isHtml ()

public void setBody (String body)

public void setContentType (String contentType)

public void setHtml (boolean html)

public void setSender (String sender)

public void setSubject (String subject)

public void setTos (String[] recipients)

Set the recipients. All previously added recipients will be replaced. to append to the recipients list.

recipients an array of recipient email addresses
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