ATestFileSystemLogSaver This LogSaver class is used by ATest to save logs in a specific path. 
BugreportCollector A pass-through ITestInvocationListener that collects bugreports when configurable events occur and then calls ITestInvocationListener#testLog on its children after each bugreport is collected. 
BugreportCollector.Predicate A full predicate describing when to capture a bugreport. 
CollectingTestListener A ITestInvocationListener that will collect all test results. 
ConsoleResultReporter Result reporter to print the test results to the console. 
CountingTestResultListener A TestResultListener that tracks the total number of tests by TestStatus  
DeviceFileReporter A utility class that checks the device for files and sends them to ITestInvocationListener#testLog(String, LogDataType, InputStreamSource) if found. 
EventsLoggerListener Listener that logs all the events it receives into a file  
FileSystemLogSaver Save logs to a file system. 
FilteredResultForwarder Variant of ResultForwarder that only allows an allowlist of TestDescription to be reported. 
InvocationToJUnitResultForwarder A class that listens to ITestInvocationListener events and forwards them to a TestListener
JsonHttpTestResultReporter A result reporter that encode test metrics results and branch, device info into JSON and POST into an HTTP service endpoint  
JUnitToInvocationResultForwarder A class that listens to TestListener events and forwards them to an ITestInvocationListener
LegacySubprocessResultsReporter A frozen implementation of the subprocess results reporter which should remain compatible with earlier versions of TF/CTS (e.g. 8+), despite changes in its superclass. 
LogcatCrashResultForwarder Special listener: on failures (instrumentation process crashing) it will attempt to extract from the logcat the crash and adds it to the failure message associated with the test. 
LogFileSaver A helper for ITestInvocationListener's that will save log data to a file  
LogSaverResultForwarder A ResultForwarder for saving logs with the global file saver. 
MetricsXMLResultReporter MetricsXMLResultReporter writes test metrics and run metrics to an XML file in a folder specified by metrics-folder parameter at the invocationEnded phase of the test. 
NameMangleListener A proxy listener to translate test method, class, and package names as results are reported. 
PassingTestFileReporter A ITestInvocationListener that saves the list of passing test cases to a test file  
ReportPassedTests Report in a file possible filters to exclude passed test. 
ResultAndLogForwarder Forwarder for results and logs events. 
ResultForwarder A ITestInvocationListener that forwards invocation results to a list of other listeners. 
RetentionFileSaver Helper class for creating a .retention file in a directory. 
RetryResultForwarder An Extension of ResultForwarder that always push to a given attempt number. 
SnapshotInputStreamSource A File-backed InputStreamSource. 
StubTestRunListener Stub implementation of ITestRunListener  
SubprocessResultsReporter Implements ITestInvocationListener to be specified as a result_reporter and forward from the subprocess the results of tests, test runs, test invocations. 
TestDescriptionsFile A utility class for marshalling and unmarshalling a list of TestDescriptions to a test file. 
TestResultListener A simplification of ITestLifecycleListener for implementers that only care about individual test results. 
TextResultReporter A test result reporter that forwards results to the JUnit text result printer. 
XmlResultReporter Writes JUnit results to an XML files in a format consistent with Ant's XMLJUnitResultFormatter.