ClassPathScanner.IClassPathFilter A filter for classpath entry paths

Patterned after FileFilter  

ConditionPriorityBlockingQueue.IMatcher<T> An interface for determining if elements match some sort of condition. 
ICompressionStrategy An interface representing a compression algorithm that can be selected at runtime. 
IDisableable Interface that describes a Tradefed object that can be disabled. 
IRestApiHelper A helper interface for performing REST API calls. 


AaptParser Class that extracts info from apk by parsing output of 'aapt dump badging'. 
AbiFormatter Utility class for abi. 
AdbRootElevator An AutoCloseable that enables adb root when constructed if needed and restores root state when complete. 
AppVersionFetcher Utility class to get app version string from device. 
BluetoothUtils Utility functions for calling BluetoothInstrumentation on device

Device side BluetoothInstrumentation code can be found in AOSP at: frameworks/base/core/tests/bluetoothtests  

BuildInfoUtil A util class to help manipulate IBuildInfo  
BuildTestsZipUtils A helper class for operations related to tests zip generated by Android build system  
BulkEmailer A email sender utility that allows the following configuration: sent interval,initial burst size, recipients and the total number messages. 
BundletoolUtil Utility class that uses bundletool command line to install the .apks on deivce. 
CircularAtraceUtil An atrace utility developed primarily for identifying the root causes of ANRs during Monkey testing. 
CircularByteArray Data structure for holding a fixed size array that operates as a circular buffer, and tracks the total sum of all values in the array. 
ClassPathScanner Finds entries on classpath. 
ClassPathScanner.ClassNameFilter A IClassPathFilter that filters and transforms java class names. 
ClassPathScanner.ExternalClassNameFilter A ClassNameFilter that rejects inner classes  
ConditionPriorityBlockingQueue<T> A thread-safe class with ERROR(/PriorityBlockingQueue)-like operations that can retrieve objects that match a certain condition. 
ConditionPriorityBlockingQueue.AlwaysMatch<T> A ConditionPriorityBlockingQueue.IMatcher that matches any object. 
DeviceConcurrentUtil Contains utility methods and classes for concurrent device side command execution

Use ERROR(/ExecutorService) to run commands implemented as ShellCommandCallable, and use ERROR(/#joinFuture(String,Future,long)) for synchronization against the ERROR(/Future) as returned by ERROR(/ExecutorService) for the command execution. 

DeviceConcurrentUtil.ShellCommandCallable<V> A ERROR(/Callable) that wraps the details of executing shell command on an ITestDevice
DirectedGraph<V> A directed unweighted graphs implementation. 
EmmaXmlConstants Constants used when parsing emma xml report. 
FakeTestsZipFolder A testing fixture that creates a fake unzipped tests folder based on a list of content. 
FileIdleMonitor Monitors files and executes a callback if they have been idle (i.e. 
FixedByteArrayOutputStream An in-memory ERROR(/OutputStream) that only keeps a maximum amount of data. 
FlashingResourceUtil This utility helps setting the appropriate version of artifacts so they can be flashed via DeviceFlashPreparer
GCSBucketUtil File manager to download and upload files from Google Cloud Storage (GCS). 
GCSBucketUtil.GCSFileMetadata Simple wrapper for file info in GCS. 
GCSCommon Base class for Gcs operation like download and upload. 
GCSFileDownloader File downloader to download file from google cloud storage (GCS). 
GCSFileUploader File uploader to upload file data to google cloud storage (GCS). 
GoogleApiClientUtil Utils for create Google API client. 
HprofAllocSiteParser Helper class to parse info from an Allocation Sites section of hprof reports. 
JavaCodeCoverageFlusher A utility class that resets and forces a flush of Java code coverage measurements from processes running on the device. 
JUnit4TestFilter Helper Class that provides the filtering for JUnit4 runner by extending the Filter
JUnitXmlParser Parser that extracts test result data from JUnit results stored in ant's XMLJUnitResultFormatter and forwards it to a ITestInvocationListener. 
ListInstrumentationParser A IShellOutputReceiver that parses the output of a 'pm list instrumentation' query  
LocalRunInstructionBuilder Utility to compile the instruction to run test locally. 
MetricUtility Contains common utility methods for storing the test metrics, aggregating the metrics in similar tests and writing the metrics to a file. 
NativeCodeCoverageFlusher A utility class that clears native coverage measurements and forces a flush of native coverage data from processes on the device. 
Pair<A, B> Define our own Pair class which contains two objects. 
PrettyPrintDelimiter Helper utility that helps to print delimited message that stands out. 
PropertyChanger A utility class for changing (or adding) items in an Android property file  
ProtoUtil Utility methods for dealing with protobuf messages type-agnostically. 
PsParser Utility used to parse(USER,PID and NAME) from the "ps" command output  
RegexTrie<V> The RegexTrie is a trie where each stored segment of the key is a regex ERROR(/Pattern)
RemoteZip Utilities to unzip individual files inside a remote zip file. 
RestApiHelper A helper class for performing REST API calls. 
SerializationUtil Utility to serialize/deserialize an object that implements ERROR(/Serializable)
ShellOutputReceiverStream Utility subclass of OutputStream that writes into an IShellOutputReceiver. 
SimplePerfResult Object to hold all simpleperf test results 
SimplePerfStatResultParser A utility class to parse simpleperf result. 
SimplePerfUtil Utility class to dispatch simple command and collect results 
SimpleStats A small utility class that calculates a few statistical measures given a numerical dataset. 
SizeLimitedOutputStream A thread safe file backed ERROR(/OutputStream) that limits the maximum amount of data that can be written. 
Sl4aBluetoothUtil A utility class provides Bluetooth operations on one or two devices using SL4A  
StringEscapeUtils Utility class for escaping strings for specific formats. 
StringUtil Utility class for escaping strings for common string manipulation. 
SubprocessEventHelper Helper to serialize/deserialize the events to be passed to the log. 
SubprocessEventHelper.BaseTestEventInfo Base Helper for TestIgnored information. 
SubprocessEventHelper.FailedTestEventInfo Helper for testFailed information. 
SubprocessEventHelper.InvocationEndedEventInfo Helper for invocation ended information. 
SubprocessEventHelper.InvocationFailedEventInfo Helper for InvocationFailed information. 
SubprocessEventHelper.InvocationStartedEventInfo Helper for invocation started information. 
SubprocessEventHelper.LogAssociationEventInfo Helper for logAssociation information. 
SubprocessEventHelper.TestEndedEventInfo Helper for testEnded information. 
SubprocessEventHelper.TestLogEventInfo Helper for testLog information. 
SubprocessEventHelper.TestModuleStartedEventInfo Helper for test module started information. 
SubprocessEventHelper.TestRunEndedEventInfo Helper for testRunEnded Information. 
SubprocessEventHelper.TestRunFailedEventInfo Helper for testRunFailed information  
SubprocessEventHelper.TestRunStartedEventInfo Helper for testRunStarted information  
SubprocessEventHelper.TestStartedEventInfo Helper for testStarted information  
SubprocessExceptionParser Helper to handle the exception output from standard Tradefed command runners. 
SubprocessTestResultsParser Extends ERROR(/FileOutputStream) to parse the output before writing to the file so we can generate the test events on the launcher side. 
SubprocessTestResultsParser.StatusKeys Relevant test status keys. 
SystemUtil Utility class for making system calls. 
TableBuilder Helper class to display a matrix of String elements in a table. 
TableFormatter Helper class to display a matrix of String elements so each element column is lined up  
TarUtil Utility to manipulate a tar file. 
TestFilterHelper Helper class for filtering tests  
TestRecordInterpreter Utility to convert a TestRecord proto into a more easily manipulable format in Tradefed. 
TimeVal This class is deprecated. use Duration instead.  
ZipCompressionStrategy An ICompressionStrategy for creating zip archives. 


AaptParser.AaptVersion Enum of options for AAPT version used to parse APK files. 
AppVersionFetcher.AppVersionInfo App version info types. 
BinaryState Enum used to record ON/OFF state with a IGNORE no-op state. 
LogcatEventType Event types for LogcatEventParser
SimplePerfUtil.SimplePerfType Enum of simpleperf command options  
Sl4aBluetoothUtil.BluetoothAccessLevel Enums for Bluetooth device access level which are based on  
Sl4aBluetoothUtil.BluetoothConnectionState Enums for Bluetooth connection states which are based on  
Sl4aBluetoothUtil.BluetoothPriorityLevel Enums for Bluetooth profile priority level which are based on  
Sl4aBluetoothUtil.BluetoothProfile Enums for Bluetooth profiles which are based on