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public interface

Known Indirect Subclasses

Class Overview

Interface definition for AndroidDebugBridge methods used in this package.

Exposed so use of AndroidDebugBridge can be mocked out in unit tests.


Public Methods
abstract void addDeviceChangeListener(AndroidDebugBridge.IDeviceChangeListener listener)
abstract void disconnectBridge()
Wrapper for disconnectBridge()
abstract IDevice[] getDevices()
Wrapper for getDevices().
abstract void init(boolean clientSupport, String adbOsLocation)
abstract void removeDeviceChangeListener(AndroidDebugBridge.IDeviceChangeListener listener)
abstract void terminate()
Wrapper for terminate()

Public Methods

public abstract void addDeviceChangeListener (AndroidDebugBridge.IDeviceChangeListener listener)

public abstract void disconnectBridge ()

Wrapper for disconnectBridge()

public abstract IDevice[] getDevices ()

Wrapper for getDevices().

public abstract void init (boolean clientSupport, String adbOsLocation)

public abstract void removeDeviceChangeListener (AndroidDebugBridge.IDeviceChangeListener listener)

public abstract void terminate ()

Wrapper for terminate()