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public class


extends MultiLineReceiver

Class Overview

A IShellOutputReceiver that parses the stress test data output, collecting metrics on number of iterations complete and average time per iteration.

Looks for the following output

pass 0 ... ==== pass X Successfully completed X passes
where 'X' refers to the iteration number


Public Constructors
NativeStressTestParser(String runName)
Public Methods
int getIterationsCompleted()
String getRunName()
boolean isCancelled()
void processNewLines(String[] lines)
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Public Constructors

public NativeStressTestParser (String runName)

runName the run name. Used for logging purposes.

Public Methods

public int getIterationsCompleted ()

  • the total number of iterations completed across one or more runs

public String getRunName ()

public boolean isCancelled ()

public void processNewLines (String[] lines)