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public class


extends Object
@OptionClass(alias = "emailer")

Class Overview

A email sender utility that allows the following configuration: sent interval,initial burst size, recipients and the total number messages.


private int mEmails @Option(name = "total-emails", description = "total number of emails to send", importance =
private int mInitialBurst @Option(name = "initial-burst", description = "initial burst of email to send", importance =
private int mInterval @Option(name = "send-interval", description = "email send interval in milliseconds", importance =
private String mRecipients @Option(name = "recipients", description = "a comma separate list of recipient email addresses", importance =
private String mSender @Option(name = "sender", description = "the sender email.", importance =
Public Constructors
Public Methods
static BulkEmailer loadMailer(IConfiguration config)
Helper method to load BulkMailer from config.
void sendEmails()
void sendEmailsBg()
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object


private int mEmails

private int mInitialBurst

private int mInterval

private String mRecipients

private String mSender

Public Constructors

public BulkEmailer ()

Public Methods

public static BulkEmailer loadMailer (IConfiguration config)

Helper method to load BulkMailer from config. The config must include the following tag

config the config
  • an instance of BulkEmailer

public void sendEmails ()

public void sendEmailsBg ()