public class


extends Object


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static String[] tokenizeLine(String line)
Tokenizes the string, splitting on spaces.
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From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public QuotationAwareTokenizer ()

Public Methods

public static String[] tokenizeLine (String line)

Tokenizes the string, splitting on spaces. Does not split between consecutive, unquoted double-quote marks.

How the tokenizer works:

  1. Split the string into "characters" where each "character" is either an escaped character like \" (that is, "\\\"") or a single real character like f (just "f").
  2. For each "character"
    1. If it's a space, finish a token unless we're being quoted
    2. If it's a quotation mark, flip the "we're being quoted" bit
    3. Otherwise, add it to the token being built
  3. At EOL, we typically haven't added the final token to the (tokens) ArrayList
    1. If the last "character" is an escape character, throw an exception; that's not valid
    2. If we're in the middle of a quotation, throw an exception; that's not valid
    3. Otherwise, add the final token to (tokens)
  4. Return a String[] version of (tokens)

line A String to be tokenized
  • A tokenized version of the string
IllegalArgumentException if the line cannot be parsed