audio_stream Struct Reference

#include <audio.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t(* get_sample_rate )(const struct audio_stream *stream)
int(* set_sample_rate )(struct audio_stream *stream, uint32_t rate)
size_t(* get_buffer_size )(const struct audio_stream *stream)
audio_channel_mask_t(* get_channels )(const struct audio_stream *stream)
audio_format_t(* get_format )(const struct audio_stream *stream)
int(* set_format )(struct audio_stream *stream, audio_format_t format)
int(* standby )(struct audio_stream *stream)
int(* dump )(const struct audio_stream *stream, int fd)
audio_devices_t(* get_device )(const struct audio_stream *stream)
int(* set_device )(struct audio_stream *stream, audio_devices_t device)
int(* set_parameters )(struct audio_stream *stream, const char *kv_pairs)
char *(* get_parameters )(const struct audio_stream *stream, const char *keys)
int(* add_audio_effect )(const struct audio_stream *stream, effect_handle_t effect)
int(* remove_audio_effect )(const struct audio_stream *stream, effect_handle_t effect)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 167 of file audio.h.

Field Documentation

int(* add_audio_effect)(const struct audio_stream *stream, effect_handle_t effect)

Definition at line 243 of file audio.h.

int(* dump)(const struct audio_stream *stream, int fd)

dump the state of the audio input/output device

Definition at line 209 of file audio.h.

size_t(* get_buffer_size)(const struct audio_stream *stream)

Return size of input/output buffer in bytes for this stream - eg. 4800. It should be a multiple of the frame size. See also get_input_buffer_size.

Definition at line 183 of file audio.h.

audio_channel_mask_t(* get_channels)(const struct audio_stream *stream)


Definition at line 189 of file audio.h.

audio_devices_t(* get_device)(const struct audio_stream *stream)

Return the set of device(s) which this stream is connected to

Definition at line 212 of file audio.h.

audio_format_t(* get_format)(const struct audio_stream *stream)

Return the audio format - e.g. AUDIO_FORMAT_PCM_16_BIT

Definition at line 194 of file audio.h.

char*(* get_parameters)(const struct audio_stream *stream, const char *keys)

Definition at line 241 of file audio.h.

uint32_t(* get_sample_rate)(const struct audio_stream *stream)

Return the sampling rate in Hz - eg. 44100.

Definition at line 172 of file audio.h.

int(* remove_audio_effect)(const struct audio_stream *stream, effect_handle_t effect)

Definition at line 245 of file audio.h.

int(* set_device)(struct audio_stream *stream, audio_devices_t device)

Currently unused - set_device() corresponds to set_parameters() with key AUDIO_PARAMETER_STREAM_ROUTING for both input and output. AUDIO_PARAMETER_STREAM_INPUT_SOURCE is an additional information used by input streams only.

Definition at line 220 of file audio.h.

int(* set_format)(struct audio_stream *stream, audio_format_t format)

Definition at line 199 of file audio.h.

int(* set_parameters)(struct audio_stream *stream, const char *kv_pairs)

set/get audio stream parameters. The function accepts a list of parameter key value pairs in the form: key1=value1;key2=value2;...

Some keys are reserved for standard parameters (See AudioParameter class)

If the implementation does not accept a parameter change while the output is active but the parameter is acceptable otherwise, it must return -ENOSYS.

The audio flinger will put the stream in standby and then change the parameter value.

Definition at line 235 of file audio.h.

int(* set_sample_rate)(struct audio_stream *stream, uint32_t rate)

Definition at line 177 of file audio.h.

int(* standby)(struct audio_stream *stream)

Put the audio hardware input/output into standby mode. Driver should exit from standby mode at the next I/O operation. Returns 0 on success and <0 on failure.

Definition at line 206 of file audio.h.

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