light_state_t Struct Reference

#include <lights.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int color
int flashMode
int flashOnMS
int flashOffMS
int brightnessMode

Detailed Description

The parameters that can be set for a given light.

Not all lights must support all parameters. If you can do something backward-compatible, you should.

Definition at line 145 of file lights.h.

Field Documentation

int brightnessMode

Policy used by the framework to manage the light's brightness. Currently the values are BRIGHTNESS_MODE_USER and BRIGHTNESS_MODE_SENSOR.

Definition at line 173 of file lights.h.

unsigned int color

The color of the LED in ARGB.

Do your best here.

  • If your light can only do red or green, if they ask for blue, you should do green.
  • If you can only do a brightness ramp, then use this formula: unsigned char brightness = ((77*((color>>16)&0x00ff))
    • (150*((color>>8)&0x00ff)) + (29*(color&0x00ff))) >> 8;
  • If you can only do on or off, 0 is off, anything else is on.

The high byte should be ignored. Callers will set it to 0xff (which would correspond to 255 alpha).

Definition at line 160 of file lights.h.

int flashMode

See the LIGHT_FLASH_* constants

Definition at line 165 of file lights.h.

int flashOffMS

Definition at line 167 of file lights.h.

int flashOnMS

Definition at line 166 of file lights.h.

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