light_state_t Struct Reference

light_state_t Struct Reference

#include < lights.h >

Data Fields

unsigned int  color
int  flashMode
int  flashOnMS
int  flashOffMS
int  brightnessMode

Detailed Description

The parameters that can be set for a given light.

Not all lights must support all parameters. If you can do something backward-compatible, you should.

Definition at line 145 of file lights.h .

Field Documentation

int brightnessMode

Policy used by the framework to manage the light's brightness. Currently the values are BRIGHTNESS_MODE_USER and BRIGHTNESS_MODE_SENSOR.

Definition at line 173 of file lights.h .

unsigned int color

The color of the LED in ARGB.

Do your best here.

  • If your light can only do red or green, if they ask for blue, you should do green.
  • If you can only do a brightness ramp, then use this formula: unsigned char brightness = ((77*((color>>16)&0x00ff))
    • (150*((color>>8)&0x00ff)) + (29*(color&0x00ff))) >> 8;
  • If you can only do on or off, 0 is off, anything else is on.

The high byte should be ignored. Callers will set it to 0xff (which would correspond to 255 alpha).

Definition at line 160 of file lights.h .

int flashMode

See the LIGHT_FLASH_* constants

Definition at line 165 of file lights.h .

int flashOffMS

Definition at line 167 of file lights.h .

int flashOnMS

Definition at line 166 of file lights.h .

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