GpsNiInterface Struct Reference

GpsNiInterface Struct Reference

#include < gps.h >

Data Fields

size_t  size
void(*  init )( GpsNiCallbacks *callbacks)
void(*  respond )(int notif_id, GpsUserResponseType user_response)

Detailed Description

Extended interface for Network-initiated (NI) support.

Definition at line 1106 of file gps.h .

Field Documentation

void(* init)( GpsNiCallbacks *callbacks)

Registers the callbacks for HAL to use.

Definition at line 1112 of file gps.h .

void(* respond)(int notif_id, GpsUserResponseType user_response)

Sends a response to HAL.

Definition at line 1115 of file gps.h .

size_t size

set to sizeof(GpsNiInterface)

Definition at line 1109 of file gps.h .

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