camera2_stream_in_ops Struct Reference

camera2_stream_in_ops Struct Reference

#include < camera2.h >

Data Fields

int(*  acquire_buffer )(const struct camera2_stream_in_ops *w, buffer_handle_t **buffer)
int(*  release_buffer )(const struct camera2_stream_in_ops *w, buffer_handle_t *buffer)

Detailed Description

Input reprocess stream queue management. A set of these methods is provided to the HAL device in allocate_reprocess_stream(); they are used to interact with the reprocess stream's input gralloc buffer queue.

Definition at line 160 of file camera2.h .

Field Documentation

int(* acquire_buffer)(const struct camera2_stream_in_ops *w, buffer_handle_t **buffer)

Get the next buffer of image data to reprocess. The width, height, and format of the buffer is fixed in allocate_reprocess_stream(), and the stride and other details should be queried from the platform gralloc module as needed. The buffer will already be locked for use.

Definition at line 167 of file camera2.h .

int(* release_buffer)(const struct camera2_stream_in_ops *w, buffer_handle_t *buffer)

Return a used buffer to the buffer queue for reuse.

Definition at line 172 of file camera2.h .

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