camera3_jpeg_blob Struct Reference

camera3_jpeg_blob Struct Reference

#include < camera3.h >

Data Fields

uint16_t  jpeg_blob_id
uint32_t  jpeg_size

Detailed Description

camera3_jpeg_blob :

Transport header for compressed JPEG buffers in output streams.

To capture JPEG images, a stream is created using the pixel format HAL_PIXEL_FORMAT_BLOB. The buffer size for the stream is calculated by the framework, based on the static metadata field android.jpeg.maxSize. Since compressed JPEG images are of variable size, the HAL needs to include the final size of the compressed image using this structure inside the output stream buffer. The JPEG blob ID field must be set to CAMERA3_JPEG_BLOB_ID.

Transport header should be at the end of the JPEG output stream buffer. That means the jpeg_blob_id must start at byte[buffer_size - sizeof(camera3_jpeg_blob)], where the buffer_size is the size of gralloc buffer. Any HAL using this transport header must account for it in android.jpeg.maxSize The JPEG data itself starts at the beginning of the buffer and should be jpeg_size bytes long.

Definition at line 1885 of file camera3.h .

Field Documentation

uint16_t jpeg_blob_id

Definition at line 1886 of file camera3.h .

uint32_t jpeg_size

Definition at line 1887 of file camera3.h .

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