camera3_notify_msg Struct Reference

camera3_notify_msg Struct Reference

#include < camera3.h >

Data Fields

int  type
union {
    camera3_error_msg_t     error
    camera3_shutter_msg_t     shutter
   uint8_t    generic [32]

Detailed Description


The message structure sent to camera3_callback_ops_t.notify()

Definition at line 2027 of file camera3.h .

Field Documentation

Error message contents. Valid if type is CAMERA3_MSG_ERROR

Definition at line 2038 of file camera3.h .

uint8_t generic[32]

Generic message contents. Used to ensure a minimum size for custom message types.

Definition at line 2049 of file camera3.h .

union { ... } message

Shutter message contents. Valid if type is CAMERA3_MSG_SHUTTER

Definition at line 2043 of file camera3.h .

int type

The message type. One of camera3_notify_msg_type, or a private extension.

Definition at line 2032 of file camera3.h .

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