power_state_platform_sleep_state_t Struct Reference

power_state_platform_sleep_state_t Struct Reference

#include < power.h >

Data Fields

uint64_t  residency_in_msec_since_boot
uint64_t  total_transitions
bool  supported_only_in_suspend
uint32_t  number_of_voters
power_state_voter_t voters

Detailed Description

Definition at line 116 of file power.h .

Field Documentation

Definition at line 120 of file power.h .

uint32_t number_of_voters

Definition at line 147 of file power.h .

uint64_t residency_in_msec_since_boot

Definition at line 125 of file power.h .

bool supported_only_in_suspend

Definition at line 135 of file power.h .

uint64_t total_transitions

Definition at line 130 of file power.h .

Definition at line 155 of file power.h .

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