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tv_input_device_info Struct Reference

tv_input_device_info Struct Reference

#include < tv_input.h >

Data Fields

int  device_id
tv_input_type_t   type
union {
   struct {
      uint32_t    port_id
   }    hdmi
   int32_t    type_info_reserved [16]
audio_devices_t  audio_type
const char *  audio_address
int32_t  reserved [16]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 82 of file tv_input.h .

Field Documentation

union { ... }
const char* audio_address

Definition at line 108 of file tv_input.h .

audio_devices_t audio_type

Definition at line 107 of file tv_input.h .

int device_id

Definition at line 84 of file tv_input.h .

struct { ... } hdmi
uint32_t port_id

Definition at line 92 of file tv_input.h .

int32_t reserved[16]

Definition at line 110 of file tv_input.h .

Definition at line 87 of file tv_input.h .

int32_t type_info_reserved[16]

Definition at line 97 of file tv_input.h .

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