vehicle_hvac Struct Reference

vehicle_hvac Struct Reference

#include < vehicle.h >

Data Fields

union {
   int32_t    fan_speed
   int32_t    fan_direction
    vehicle_boolean_t     ac_on
    vehicle_boolean_t     max_ac_on
    vehicle_boolean_t     max_defrost_on
    vehicle_boolean_t     recirc_on
    vehicle_boolean_t     dual_on
    vehicle_boolean_t     power_on
   float    temperature_current
   float    temperature_set
    vehicle_boolean_t     defrost_on

Detailed Description

HVAC property fields.

Defines various HVAC properties which are packed into vehicle_hvac_t (see below). We define these properties outside in global scope so that HAL implementation and HAL users (JNI) can typecast vehicle_hvac correctly.

Definition at line 1452 of file vehicle.h .

Field Documentation

union { ... }

Define one structure for each possible HVAC property. NOTES: a) Fan speed is a number from (0 - 6) where 6 is the highest speed. (TODO define enum) b) Temperature is a floating point Celcius scale. c) Direction is defined in enum vehicle_fan_direction.

The HAL should create #entries number of vehicle_hvac_properties and assign it to "properties" variable below.

Definition at line 1466 of file vehicle.h .

Definition at line 1476 of file vehicle.h .

Definition at line 1470 of file vehicle.h .

int32_t fan_direction

Definition at line 1465 of file vehicle.h .

int32_t fan_speed

Definition at line 1464 of file vehicle.h .

Definition at line 1467 of file vehicle.h .

vehicle_boolean_t max_defrost_on

Definition at line 1468 of file vehicle.h .

Definition at line 1471 of file vehicle.h .

Definition at line 1469 of file vehicle.h .

float temperature_current

Definition at line 1473 of file vehicle.h .

float temperature_set

Definition at line 1474 of file vehicle.h .

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