IAppBuildInfo This interface is deprecated. Use IBuildInfo directly.  
IBuildProvider Responsible for providing info regarding the build under test. 
IDeviceBuildInfo A IBuildInfo that represents a complete Android device build and (optionally) its tests. 
IDeviceBuildProvider A IBuildProvider that uses information from a ITestDevice to retrieve a build. 
IFileDownloader Interface for downloading a remote file. 
IFolderBuildInfo A simple abstract IBuildInfo whose build artifacts are containing in a local filesystem directory. 


AppBuildInfo A IBuildInfo that represents an Android application and its test package(s). 
AppDeviceBuildInfo This class is deprecated. Use IDeviceBuildInfo directly.  
BootstrapBuildProvider A IDeviceBuildProvider that bootstraps build info from the test device

This is typically used for devices with an externally supplied build, i.e. 

BuildInfo Generic implementation of a IBuildInfo that should be associated with a ITestDevice
CommandLineBuildInfoBuilder Utility meant to capture the usual build information arguments from a command line and create a IBuildInfo from them. 
DependenciesResolver A new type of provider that allows to get all the dependencies for a test. 
DeviceBuildDescriptor A wrapper class for a IBuildInfo, that contains helper methods to retrieve device platform build information. 
DeviceBuildInfo A IBuildInfo that represents a complete Android device build and (optionally) its tests. 
DeviceFolderBuildInfo A IDeviceBuildInfo that also contains other build artifacts contained in a directory on the local filesystem. 
ExistingBuildProvider A IBuildProvider that returns an already constructed IBuildInfo
FileDownloadCache A helper class that maintains a local filesystem LRU cache of downloaded files. 
FileDownloadCacheFactory A factory for creating FileDownloadCache  
FileDownloadCacheWrapper A wrapper class that provides FileDownloadCache facilities while implementing the IFileDownloader interface. 
FolderBuildInfo Concrete implementation of a IFolderBuildInfo
LocalAppBuildProvider A IBuildProvider that constructs a IBuildInfo based on a provided local path  
LocalDeviceBuildProvider A IBuildProvider that constructs a IDeviceBuildInfo based on a provided filesystem directory path. 
LocalFolderBuildProvider A IBuildProvider that constructs a IFolderBuildInfo based on a provided local path  
OtaDeviceBuildInfo A IDeviceBuildInfo used for over-the-air update testing. 
OtatoolsBuildInfo An IBuildInfo that contains otatools artifacts. 
OtaZipfileBuildProvider Provides a IBuildInfo based on a local OTA zip file. 
StubBuildProvider No-op empty implementation of a IBuildProvider


BuildRetrievalError A fatal error occurred while retrieving the build for testing.