ICommandOptions Container for execution options for commands. 
ICommandScheduler A scheduler for running TradeFederation commands. 
ICommandScheduler.IScheduledInvocationListener Listener for invocation events when invocation completes. 


CommandFileParser Parser for file that contains set of command lines. 
CommandOptions Implementation of ICommandOptions
CommandRunner An alternate TradeFederation entry point that will run command specified in command line arguments and then quit. 
CommandScheduler A scheduler for running TradeFederation commands across all available devices. 
Console Main TradeFederation console providing user with the interface to interact

Currently supports operations such as

  • add a command to test
  • list devices and their state
  • list invocations in progress
  • list commands in queue
  • dump invocation log to file/stdout
  • shutdown
Console.ArgRunnable<T> A Runnable with a run method that can take an argument  
Console.CaptureList A convenience type for List<List<String>>  
DeviceAllocationResult Represents the results of an allocation attempt for a command. 


CommandRunner.ExitCode Error codes that are possible to exit with. 
CommandScheduler.HostState Enums of different status of host