IAbiReceiver A test that needs the ABI under test. 
IBuildReceiver A test that needs reference to the build under test. 
IDeviceTest Interface for object that needs a reference to a ITestDevice
IInvocationContextReceiver A test that needs reference to the context of the invocation. 
IMultiDeviceTest This interface is deprecated. This interface is kept temporarily for compatibility but is not actually used anymore. Please do not implement it.  
INativeDeviceTest Interface for object that needs a reference to a INativeDevice
IReportNotExecuted In case of an incomplete execution, IRemoteTest that implements this interface may report their non-executed tests for improved reporting. 
IResumableTest This interface is deprecated. No need for this anymore  
ISetOptionReceiver Implementation of this interface should have an Option with a "set-option" name linked to HostTest#SET_OPTION_NAME
IShardableTest A IRemoteTest that can be split into separately executable sub-tests. 
ITestAnnotationFilterReceiver A runner that can filter which tests to run based on annotations. 
ITestCollector Provides support for test collection; when set, test runner must perform a dry run to collect test cases without actually executing them. 
ITestFileFilterReceiver A runner that can receive a file specifying which tests to run and/or not to run. 
ITestFilterReceiver A runner that can filter which tests to run. 
ITestInformationReceiver Interface to receive the TestInformation for some classes. 


DeviceBatteryLevelChecker An IRemoteTest that checks for a minimum battery charge, and waits for the battery to reach a second charging threshold if the minimum charge isn't present. 
DynamicFileStubTest This is a tradefed test to test tradefed can resolve dynamic file correctly. 
FakeTest A fake test whose purpose is to make it easy to generate repeatable test results. 
NoisyDryRunTest Run noisy dry run on a command file. 
StubTest No-op empty test implementation. 
SubprocessTfLauncher A IRemoteTest for running tests against a separate TF installation. 
TfTestLauncher A IRemoteTest for running unit or functional tests against a separate TF installation. 
UsbResetTest An IRemoteTest that reset the device USB and checks whether the device comes back online afterwards.