public interface IInvocationContextReceiver

Known Indirect Subclasses
AtestRunner Implementation of ITestSuite  
BaseHostJUnit4Test Base test class for running host JUnit4 style tests. 
DeviceJUnit4ClassRunner JUnit4 test runner that also accommodate IDeviceTest
HostTest A test runner for JUnit host based tests. 
ITestSuite Abstract class used to run Test Suite. 
PythonBinaryHostTest Host test meant to run a python binary file from the Android Build system (Soong)  
SubprocessTfLauncher A IRemoteTest for running tests against a separate TF installation. 
TestsPoolPoller Tests wrapper that allow to execute all the tests of a pool of tests. 
TfSuiteRunner Implementation of ITestSuite which will load tests from TF jars res/config/suite/ folder. 
TfTestLauncher A IRemoteTest for running unit or functional tests against a separate TF installation. 
VersionedTfLauncher A IRemoteTest for running tests against a separate TF installation. 

A test that needs reference to the context of the invocation.

Should be used when test needs to know the details of the invocation without needing a reference to the IBuildInfo. Most tests should not have a dependency on the build-under-test, and should rely on ITargetPreparers to prepare the test environment.


Public methods

abstract void setInvocationContext(IInvocationContext invocationContext)

Public methods


void setInvocationContext (IInvocationContext invocationContext)

invocationContext IInvocationContext