public class TestMappingSuiteRunner
extends BaseTestSuite

   ↳ com.android.tradefed.testtype.suite.ITestSuite
     ↳ com.android.tradefed.testtype.suite.BaseTestSuite
       ↳ com.android.tradefed.testtype.suite.TestMappingSuiteRunner

Implementation of BaseTestSuite to run tests specified by option include-filter, or TEST_MAPPING files from build, as a suite.


Public constructors


Public methods

LinkedHashMap<String, IConfiguration> loadTests()

Load the tests configuration that will be run.

Public constructors


public TestMappingSuiteRunner ()

Public methods


public LinkedHashMap<String, IConfiguration> loadTests ()

Load the tests configuration that will be run. Each tests is defined by a IConfiguration and a unique name under which it will report results. There are 2 ways to load tests for TestMappingSuiteRunner:

1. --test-mapping-test-group, which specifies the group of tests in TEST_MAPPING files. The runner will parse all TEST_MAPPING files in the source code through build artifact test_mappings.zip, and load tests grouped under the given test group.

2. --include-filter, which specifies the name of the test to run. The use case is for presubmit check to only run a list of tests related to the Cls to be verifies. The list of tests are compiled from the related TEST_MAPPING files in modified source code.

LinkedHashMap<String, IConfiguration> a map of test name to the IConfiguration object of each test.