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public interface


implements IBuildProvider
Known Indirect Subclasses

Class Overview

A IBuildProvider that uses information from a ITestDevice to retrieve a build.

The typical use case for this interface is a build provider that fetches different kinds of builds based on the device type. It is not recommended to perform actions in a BuildProvider that modify a device's state.

Implementing this interface will cause TF framework to call the getBuild(ITestDevice) method instead of getBuild().


Public Methods
abstract IBuildInfo getBuild(ITestDevice device)
Retrieve the data for build under test
Inherited Methods
From interface

Public Methods

public abstract IBuildInfo getBuild (ITestDevice device)

Retrieve the data for build under test

device ITestDevice: the ITestDevice allocated for test
IBuildInfo the IBuildInfo for build under test or null if no build is available for testing
BuildRetrievalError if build info failed to be retrieved due to an unexpected error
DeviceNotAvailableException if device became unavailable for testing