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bt_os_callouts_t Struct Reference

bt_os_callouts_t Struct Reference

#include < bluetooth.h >

Data Fields

size_t  size
set_wake_alarm_callout   set_wake_alarm
acquire_wake_lock_callout   acquire_wake_lock
release_wake_lock_callout   release_wake_lock

Detailed Description

The set of functions required by bluedroid to set wake alarms and grab wake locks. This struct is passed into the stack through the |set_os_callouts| function on |bt_interface_t|.

Definition at line 427 of file bluetooth.h .

Field Documentation

acquire_wake_lock_callout acquire_wake_lock

Definition at line 432 of file bluetooth.h .

release_wake_lock_callout release_wake_lock

Definition at line 433 of file bluetooth.h .

Definition at line 431 of file bluetooth.h .

size_t size

Definition at line 429 of file bluetooth.h .

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