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_bluetooth_sdp_hdr_overlay Struct Reference

_bluetooth_sdp_hdr_overlay Struct Reference

#include < bt_sdp.h >

Data Fields

bluetooth_sdp_types   type
bt_uuid_t   uuid
uint32_t  service_name_length
char *  service_name
int32_t  rfcomm_channel_number
int32_t  l2cap_psm
int32_t  profile_version
int  user1_ptr_len
uint8_t *  user1_ptr
int  user2_ptr_len
uint8_t *  user2_ptr

Detailed Description

Some signals need additional pointers, hence we introduce a generic way to handle these pointers.

Definition at line 52 of file bt_sdp.h .

Field Documentation

int32_t l2cap_psm

Definition at line 58 of file bt_sdp.h .

int32_t profile_version

Definition at line 59 of file bt_sdp.h .

int32_t rfcomm_channel_number

Definition at line 57 of file bt_sdp.h .

char* service_name

Definition at line 56 of file bt_sdp.h .

uint32_t service_name_length

Definition at line 55 of file bt_sdp.h .

Definition at line 53 of file bt_sdp.h .

uint8_t* user1_ptr

Definition at line 63 of file bt_sdp.h .

int user1_ptr_len

Definition at line 62 of file bt_sdp.h .

uint8_t* user2_ptr

Definition at line 65 of file bt_sdp.h .

int user2_ptr_len

Definition at line 64 of file bt_sdp.h .

Definition at line 54 of file bt_sdp.h .

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