GpsNavigationMessageInterface Struct Reference

GpsNavigationMessageInterface Struct Reference

#include < gps.h >

Data Fields

size_t  size
int(*  init )( GpsNavigationMessageCallbacks *callbacks)
void(*  close )()

Detailed Description

Extended interface for GPS navigation message reporting support.

Definition at line 2157 of file gps.h .

Field Documentation

void(* close)()

Stops updates from the HAL, and unregisters the callback routines. After a call to stop, the previously registered callbacks must be considered invalid by the HAL. If stop is invoked without a previous 'init', this function should perform no work.

Definition at line 2181 of file gps.h .

int(* init)( GpsNavigationMessageCallbacks *callbacks)

Initializes the interface and registers the callback routines with the HAL. After a successful call to 'init' the HAL must begin to provide updates as they become available.

Status: GPS_NAVIGATION_MESSAGE_OPERATION_SUCCESS GPS_NAVIGATION_MESSAGE_ERROR_ALREADY_INIT - if a callback has already been registered without a corresponding call to 'close'. GPS_NAVIGATION_MESSAGE_ERROR_GENERIC - if any other error occurred, it is expected that the HAL will not generate any updates upon returning this error code.

Definition at line 2173 of file gps.h .

size_t size

Set to sizeof(GpsNavigationMessageInterface)

Definition at line 2159 of file gps.h .

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