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btgatt_server_callbacks_t Struct Reference

btgatt_server_callbacks_t Struct Reference

#include < bt_gatt_server.h >

Data Fields

register_server_callback   register_server_cb
connection_callback   connection_cb
service_added_callback   service_added_cb
included_service_added_callback   included_service_added_cb
characteristic_added_callback   characteristic_added_cb
descriptor_added_callback   descriptor_added_cb
service_started_callback   service_started_cb
service_stopped_callback   service_stopped_cb
service_deleted_callback   service_deleted_cb
request_read_callback   request_read_cb
request_write_callback   request_write_cb
request_exec_write_callback   request_exec_write_cb
response_confirmation_callback   response_confirmation_cb
indication_sent_callback   indication_sent_cb
congestion_callback   congestion_cb
mtu_changed_callback   mtu_changed_cb

Detailed Description

Definition at line 126 of file bt_gatt_server.h .

Field Documentation

characteristic_added_callback characteristic_added_cb

Definition at line 131 of file bt_gatt_server.h .

congestion_callback congestion_cb

Definition at line 141 of file bt_gatt_server.h .

connection_callback connection_cb

Definition at line 128 of file bt_gatt_server.h .

descriptor_added_callback descriptor_added_cb

Definition at line 132 of file bt_gatt_server.h .

included_service_added_callback included_service_added_cb

Definition at line 130 of file bt_gatt_server.h .

indication_sent_callback indication_sent_cb

Definition at line 140 of file bt_gatt_server.h .

mtu_changed_callback mtu_changed_cb

Definition at line 142 of file bt_gatt_server.h .

register_server_callback register_server_cb

Definition at line 127 of file bt_gatt_server.h .

request_exec_write_callback request_exec_write_cb

Definition at line 138 of file bt_gatt_server.h .

request_read_callback request_read_cb

Definition at line 136 of file bt_gatt_server.h .

request_write_callback request_write_cb

Definition at line 137 of file bt_gatt_server.h .

response_confirmation_callback response_confirmation_cb

Definition at line 139 of file bt_gatt_server.h .

service_added_callback service_added_cb

Definition at line 129 of file bt_gatt_server.h .

service_deleted_callback service_deleted_cb

Definition at line 135 of file bt_gatt_server.h .

service_started_callback service_started_cb

Definition at line 133 of file bt_gatt_server.h .

service_stopped_callback service_stopped_cb

Definition at line 134 of file bt_gatt_server.h .

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