context_hub_t Struct Reference

context_hub_t Struct Reference

#include < context_hub.h >

Data Fields

const char *  name
const char *  vendor
const char *  toolchain
uint32_t  platform_version
uint32_t  toolchain_version
uint32_t  hub_id
float  peak_mips
float  stopped_power_draw_mw
float  sleep_power_draw_mw
float  peak_power_draw_mw
const struct connected_sensor_t connected_sensors
uint32_t  num_connected_sensors
const struct hub_app_name_t   os_app_name
uint32_t  max_supported_msg_len

Detailed Description

Definition of a context hub. A device may contain more than one low power domain. In that case, please add an entry for each hub. However, it is perfectly OK for a device to declare one context hub and manage them internally as several

Definition at line 225 of file context_hub.h .

Field Documentation

const struct connected_sensor_t * connected_sensors

Definition at line 238 of file context_hub.h .

uint32_t hub_id

Definition at line 231 of file context_hub.h .

uint32_t max_supported_msg_len

Definition at line 242 of file context_hub.h .

const char* name

Definition at line 226 of file context_hub.h .

uint32_t num_connected_sensors

Definition at line 239 of file context_hub.h .

const struct hub_app_name_t os_app_name

Definition at line 241 of file context_hub.h .

float peak_mips

Definition at line 233 of file context_hub.h .

float peak_power_draw_mw

Definition at line 236 of file context_hub.h .

uint32_t platform_version

Definition at line 229 of file context_hub.h .

float sleep_power_draw_mw

Definition at line 235 of file context_hub.h .

float stopped_power_draw_mw

Definition at line 234 of file context_hub.h .

const char* toolchain

Definition at line 228 of file context_hub.h .

uint32_t toolchain_version

Definition at line 230 of file context_hub.h .

const char* vendor

Definition at line 227 of file context_hub.h .

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