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hdmi_cec_device Struct Reference

hdmi_cec_device Struct Reference

#include < hdmi_cec.h >

Data Fields

struct hw_device_t   common
int(*  add_logical_address )(const struct hdmi_cec_device *dev, cec_logical_address_t addr)
void(*  clear_logical_address )(const struct hdmi_cec_device *dev)
int(*  get_physical_address )(const struct hdmi_cec_device *dev, uint16_t *addr)
int(*  send_message )(const struct hdmi_cec_device *dev, const cec_message_t *)
void(*  register_event_callback )(const struct hdmi_cec_device *dev, event_callback_t callback, void *arg)
void(*  get_version )(const struct hdmi_cec_device *dev, int *version)
void(*  get_vendor_id )(const struct hdmi_cec_device *dev, uint32_t *vendor_id)
void(*  get_port_info )(const struct hdmi_cec_device *dev, struct hdmi_port_info *list[], int *total)
void(*  set_option )(const struct hdmi_cec_device *dev, int flag, int value)
void(*  set_audio_return_channel )(const struct hdmi_cec_device *dev, int port_id, int flag)
int(*  is_connected )(const struct hdmi_cec_device *dev, int port_id)
void *  reserved [16-11]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 299 of file hdmi_cec.h .

Field Documentation

int(* add_logical_address)(const struct hdmi_cec_device *dev, cec_logical_address_t addr)

Definition at line 319 of file hdmi_cec.h .

void(* clear_logical_address)(const struct hdmi_cec_device *dev)

Definition at line 328 of file hdmi_cec.h .

struct hw_device_t common

Common methods of the HDMI CEC device. This must be the first member of hdmi_cec_device as users of this structure will cast a hw_device_t to hdmi_cec_device pointer in contexts where it's known the hw_device_t references a hdmi_cec_device .

Definition at line 305 of file hdmi_cec.h .

int(* get_physical_address)(const struct hdmi_cec_device *dev, uint16_t *addr)

Definition at line 341 of file hdmi_cec.h .

void(* get_port_info)(const struct hdmi_cec_device *dev, struct hdmi_port_info *list[], int *total)

Definition at line 385 of file hdmi_cec.h .

void(* get_vendor_id)(const struct hdmi_cec_device *dev, uint32_t *vendor_id)

Definition at line 378 of file hdmi_cec.h .

void(* get_version)(const struct hdmi_cec_device *dev, int *version)

Definition at line 371 of file hdmi_cec.h .

int(* is_connected)(const struct hdmi_cec_device *dev, int port_id)

Definition at line 409 of file hdmi_cec.h .

void(* register_event_callback)(const struct hdmi_cec_device *dev, event_callback_t callback, void *arg)

Definition at line 365 of file hdmi_cec.h .

void* reserved[16-11]

Definition at line 412 of file hdmi_cec.h .

int(* send_message)(const struct hdmi_cec_device *dev, const cec_message_t *)

Definition at line 356 of file hdmi_cec.h .

void(* set_audio_return_channel)(const struct hdmi_cec_device *dev, int port_id, int flag)

Definition at line 402 of file hdmi_cec.h .

void(* set_option)(const struct hdmi_cec_device *dev, int flag, int value)

Definition at line 393 of file hdmi_cec.h .

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