public interface IEmail

Interface for sending email.


Nested classes

class IEmail.Message

Container for email message data. 

Public methods

abstract void send(IEmail.Message msg)

A method to send a Message.

Public methods


public abstract void send (IEmail.Message msg)

A method to send a Message. Verifies that the to, subject, and body fields of the Message are not null, but does no verification beyond the null checks. Note that any SMTP-level errors are undetectable at this stage. Because of the asynchronous nature of email, they will generally be reported to the envelope-sender of the message. In that case, the envelope-sender will typically receive an email from MAILER-DAEMON with the details of the error.

msg IEmail.Message: The IEmail.Message to try to send

IllegalArgumentException if any of the to, subject, or body fields of msg is null
if sending email failed in a synchronously-detectable way