Site Updates

This page lists updates made to this site beginning with the Android 12 release. To see changes made to Android 12, see the Android 12 Release Notes page.

The first important site change is the Android 12 documentation release, presented on a site given a brand new look and feel, provided by a redesigned navigation with a fresh look to the homepage and new landing pages! Check this page in the coming months for site changes pertaining to documentation on current releases.

October 2021

Android 12 documentation made available on this newly designed site. The site redesign includes these updates to the site navigation:

  • Docs dropdown menu: Hover over the Docs tab to see an overview of all the information found on the site.
  • Expanded left navigation: Use the dynamic left navigation bar to explore sections without leaving the current page.
  • New sections
    • Core Topics: Includes topics such as architecture, camera, connectivity, media, and tests.
    • Compatibility: Includes information about the Compatibility Design Document (CDD) and the Compatibility Test Suite (CTS).
    • Android Devices: Includes information on Automotive, Enterprise, and Android TV.
Location Change
Architecture Android Common Kernels
Updated KMI kernel compatibility description shows the new plan for KMI breaks.
FCM Lifecycle
Updated the terminology table show the max level and framework HAL deprecation schedules.
Added max-level and framework HAL deprecation schedule to the framework manifest example.
Android Automotive Simulate Networks in Android Automotive OS
Added Simulate Networks in Android Automotive OSstrong> (new page).
System Performance Tools
Added System Performance Tools (new page).
User Interface Frameworks
Added User Interface Frameworks (new page).
User Interface Frameworks
Updated the customization guidelines.
Implementing Custom User Types
Added Implementing Custom User Types (new page).
Compatibility Android 12 Compatibility Definition
Updated Android CDD requirements (and affected documentation in the Compatibility section) for Android 12.