Site Updates

This page lists updates made to this site beginning with the Android 12 release. To see changes made to Android 12, see Android 12 Release Notes.

The first important site change was the Android 12 documentation release in October 2021, presented on a site given a brand new look and feel, provided by a redesigned navigation with a fresh look to the homepage and new landing pages! Other site changes and updates are provided here on a monthly basis.

May 2022

These are the May site changes. Locate regularly scheduled bulletins such as the Android Security Bulletins on their respective pages.

Location Change
Architecture Migrated Boot Time Optimization from the partner site.
Migrated Android Kernel File System Support from the partner site.
Migrated GKI related Debugging from the partner site.
Migrated Develop Kernel Code for GKI from the partner site.
Migrated Vendor module guidelines from the partner site.
Updated The Generic Kernel Image (GKI) project with GKI information from the partner site.
Added GKI 1.0 overview for information on the GKI 1.0 phase of the GKI project.
Added high-level documentation on FIPS 140-3 certifiable GKI crypto module.
Removed information on the Hide annotation on Annotations in AIDL.
Updated the Enforce the KMI using module versioning section.
Removed the reference and documentation for gki_check in Android Kernel ABI Monitoring as it's outdated.
Updated version numbers in Android Common Kernels.
Migrated Mainline Wi-Fi module from the partner site.
Updated Kernel Overview to include up-to-date glossary of terms and information of kernel branches.
Updated Matching Rules for HAL about marking HALs optional with hal optional="true".
Added a new Using DebugFS in Android 12 page. This page was a part of Core Kernel Requirements.
Deleted the outdated Optimizing SquashFS page.
Deleted the outdated LLDB debugging page.
Automotive Added an article to describe the new features and enhancements provided in Android 12L.
Added arm64 and x86_64 CATBox test suite downloads for the releases of Android 11 and Android 12.
Bootloader Added TARGET_NO_KERNEL and BOARD_PREBUILT_BOOTIMAGE to Generic Boot Partition.
Deleted the outdated Images page.
Added details to the metadata partition on Overview.
Build Deleted the obsolete Building Kernels Manually page.
Compatibility Updated AOSP with gyroscope plots to help with debugging in Camera ITS Tests.
Updated the APIs tested section for test_vibration_restriction in Camera ITS Tests.
Changed calibration test requirement for the field-of-view to be within +/-2 degree of the calibration value.
Updated ATS release notes for R29.
Updated CTS downloads for the May 2022 release.
Added aosp/master to the merge path in CTS Development.
Added 12L to the Release schedule and branch information for CTS development.
Added example code for using repo_init in CTS Development.
Display Updated Retail Demo Mode.
Security Added 2021 Android Enterprise Security white paper to public Security Reports.
Setup Updated source code tags and build numbers in Codenames, Tags, and Build Numbers.
Tests Updated Tradefed build instructions in Developing Tradefed.
Added documentation for multi-devices suite.

April 2022

These are the April site changes. Locate regularly scheduled bulletins such as the Android Security Bulletins on their respective pages.

Location Change
Architecture Updated terminology in Android Common Kernels.
Added information on how to update and verify the update status of an API in Java SDK Library.
Removed Future Android Versions.
Added a new section on kernels of versions lower than 4.19.
Updated information on error handling in AIDL Backends.
Automotive Added a new page for Device Management that describes enabling remote management of a vehicle running Android Automotive OS (AAOS) and updated What's New.
Fixed navigation in HMI Overview.
Restored image in Virtualization Architecture.
Bootloader Added a new page for Version Information in AVB Properties.
Build Updated information on builds for the HiKey 960 reference board.
Added a section on how to avoid duplication with rust_test and rust_defaults in Test Modules.
Updated Bindgen Bindings Modules to reflect that include!() is no longer required for generating tests for bindgen bindings as the test can directly reference the source generator module now as part of the srcs property.
Compatibility Updated various pages under Android Platform Testing with inclusive language.
Added Xiaomi Pad 5 to supported tablets in Camera ITS-in-a-Box.
Updated ATS release notes for R28.
Clarified general-tests and device-tests build script rules and RootTargetPreparer instructions in Mapping Tests.
Updated camera ITS tests APIs.
Replaced the Adding a New Native Test Example with Adding New GoogleTests for language inclusion.
Updated the link to GoogleTest primer in Adding New GoogleTests.
Contribute Specified reporting link for NDK compiler and build system issues in Reporting Bugs.
Added a section on CLDR in Submitting Patches.
Security Updated Boot Flow.
Updated Trust Build.
Added description about system_ext and product mapping in Policy Compatibility and Building SELinux Policy.
Added description about precompiled SELinux policy in Building SELinux Policy.
Updated the security acknowledgements table in Android Security Acknowledgements.
Added instructions to update keys while using Android App links in Application Signing.
Setup Updated source code tags and build numbers in Codenames, Tags, and Build Numbers.
Start Updated Android Platform Glossary with inclusive language.

March 2022

These are the March site changes. Locate regularly scheduled bulletins such as the Android Security Bulletins on their respective pages.

Android 12 Release

Android 12 has been released. For more information, see the Android 12 and Android 12 Release Notes.

Other March site updates

Location Change
Architecture Clarified that CPP IBinder reads still enforce nullability in AIDL annotations and AIDL backend.
Added fixed-size arrays to FixedSize AIDL annotation.
Updated code sample for nested type declarations in AIDL in Android T (AOSP experimental) to note that interface types can also be nested.
Added unsigned integer property type to the system properties table.
Updated information about mDNS .local resolution.
Automotive Added new page for Car UI Plugins.
Formatted Customizing Media and Implementing Radio with Media.
Updated links in Android Automotive 12 Release Details.
Fix Cloud Storage link to create the AVD image XML file.
Build Added build information about the Qualcomm Robotics Board RB5 in Using Reference Boards.
Added new pages for Make Rules, Make Functions, Recursive Expansion, Shell Commands, Soong Configuration Variables and Override Statements issues in the Product and Board Configuration section for Android on Bazel.
Update Pixel kernel manifest to 12 in the branch names table.
Added description of the use of the $OUT_DIR variable to override the destination directory of the build output.
Added useful tip about fastboot hanging issue.
Compatibility Fixed the changelog links to point to android12-dev.
Fixed numbering changes in the Handheld requirements and the Device Administration sections.
Updated numbering on requirement removals.
Added information about the 12.1 branch release schedule.
Added information about CTS downloads for 12.1.
Connectivity Added information that Android supports only the HTTP GET method while downloading the carrier certificate. HTTP POST is not supported.
Enterprise Updated work profile.
Permissions Added description of a role in Android Permissions.
Setup Update field naming conventions for static final fields.
Update build numbers for security releases for 12.1.
Update platform codenames, versions and API level table for 12.1.
Added terms for presubmit and postsubmit tests to the glossary.
Storage Clarification that SDCardFS is deprecated on devices that launch with Android 11 or higher.
Tests Updated the manifest file snapshot to match current code.
Update ATS release notes for R27
Added section on enabling multi-host mode.
Correct section heading for system logging in Android Runtime (ART).

February 2022

These are the February site changes. Locate regularly scheduled bulletins such as the Android Security Bulletins on their respective pages.

Location Change
Architecture Included information about changes to JavaDefault annotations in AIDL.
Added a detailed explanation of Sepolicy for AIDL HALs.
Updated the example for dealing with older interfaces to reflect updates to the Stable AIDL definition. The C++ detDefaultImpl argument type was recently changed from std::unique_ptr<IFace> to android::sp<IFace>.
Automotive Added packages that support customization through car-ui-lib to the list of packages car-ui-lib supports. See the Car UI Library Release Notes for more details.
Revised and improved Troubleshooting Runtime Resource Overlays.
Build New documentation on Starlark product and board configuration in Android on Bazel, Product and Board Configuration with Starlark, and Include and Inherit Statements in Starlark.
Compatibility Added a chart_distance parameter to the MANUAL testbed for Android 12 Camera Image Test Suite manual testing.
Added a page for the Tablet Sensor Fusion Box test rig.
Updated the PushFilePreparer documentation in Complex Test Configuration to clarify the options, including adding push-file, the currently recommended option to push files onto a device.
Updated Android Test Station (ATS) release notes.
Added device_type to the list of supported attributes for Device Specs in the Android Test Station user guide.
Connectivity Listed an additional, supported US carrier (Cellcom) in IMS Service Entitlement.
Updated Passpoint (Hotspot 2.0) to reflect changes to the Passpoint R3 features.
Removed most references to "UTC time" (updated to "Unix epoch time" and "universal time") in the following pages:
Create Updates to build numbers and instructions in Using Reference Boards
Setup Fixed broken links in the Android Developer Codelab.

January 2022

These are the January site changes. Locate regularly scheduled bulletins such as the Android Security Bulletins on their respective pages.

Location Change
Architecture Added information about the modular system components launched in Android 12, as described in the Modular system components section of the Android 12 Release Notes.
Automotive Added Car UI Library Release Notes to describe changes to the Car UI libraries.

Added more information to CameraX Vendor Extensions about the CameraX extensions vendor library and the Camera2 extensions API.

Additionally, added a page describing the CameraX Vendor Extensions Validation Tool.

Compatibility Fixed broken links in the Compatibility Definition Document.
Added a page about testing for ITS Accessories: Foldable Kit.
Updated with information about the scene2_c performance class tests.
Removed references to automated CTS Verifier (CTS-V) tests from Android UIConductor (UICD) test documentation. Users that would still like to run UICD tests can use the process outlined in Running UIConductor tests with ATS.
Updated Android Test Station (ATS) Release Notes.
Device Management for Enterprises Revised Employing Work Profiles to improve clarity.
Media Added a section on customized filepaths for transcoding to Compatible Media Transcoding.
Performance Moved information about Low RAM configuration to Kernel Configuration for additional clarity.
Setup Added Code of Conduct under Community.
Storage Removed misleading mention of fileencryption v2 in SDCardFS Deprecation, as there aren't any cases where encryption policy v2 needs to be explicitly enabled.
Updates Corrected the incremental build command in Building OTA Packages.

December 2021

These are the December site changes. Locate regularly scheduled bulletins such as the Android Security Bulletins on their respective pages.

Location Change
Architecture Incremental File System: New sections added and edits made to show specific changes for Android 12 Kernel. Differences between Android 12 and Android 11 noted throughout as needed.
VINTF information updated to include new Inet HAL transport, under Manifest file schema section.
Audio Added AUDIO_MMAP_APPLICATION_SHAREABLE to AAudio MMAP page under File descriptors for shared memory.
Automotive Added Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro information to Pixel in Development Platforms.
Also added new page, Spectatio: Automotive Test Framework
Under Compliance: added a link to Android 12 patches on the S Release details page.
New section added to UX Foundation for Haptic Framework page: Audio-coupled haptics: Haptic Generator.
Clarification added to Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) page stating that apps can't write to /data/local/tmp, under Handling LLVM profile files
Compatibility On Camera ITS-in-a-Box, deleted the reference to parallel testing. It's not supported in the Android 12 Python 3 refactor.
Updated Camera ITS Tests to include descriptions of the test groupings (by scene).
Compatibility Test Suite Downloads: Updates to the CTS Instant downloads for CTS-Dec-2021 Releases were added.
Removed a broken link in VTS Dashboard Setup that was pointing to a nonexistent codelab.
Security December Security Bulletin page now available.
December AAOS Security Bulletin page now available.
December Pixel Security Bulletin updated with AOSP links.
Acknowledgements page updated with AOSP links.
Setup Generic System Images (GSI) was updated to make it current with the Android 12 release: Removed legacy GSI, and disabling verity boot information, documented changes on GSI for Android 12 and Android 11 throughout page.
Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro were added to the device table under Selecting a device build.
The Rust Modules page was updated to contain information about SOONG_RUST_INCREMENTAL under Incremental Builds.
Information was added about how to prevent causing merge commits, under the Handling repo errors section.
Build numbers have been updated in Codenames, Tags, and Build Numbers.

November 2021

These are the site changes made for the month of November. Locate regularly scheduled bulletins such as the Android Security Bulletins on their respective pages.

Location Change
Architecture AIDL Backends and AIDL for HALs: Updated information about supported types in AIDL backend and new Rust backend information. Updated ParcelableHolder description and added details about how AIDL handles errors with HALs.
Loadable Kernel Modules, Android Common Kernels, and Generic Kernel Image:
Updated Loadable Kernel Modules module-signing section to show that signing isn't supported. Updated Android Common Kernel Test matrix table, and updated Boot image integration information.
Android Automotive Garage Mode: Added new debugging details to Garage Mode page.
Using Vehicle Bound File Encryption: Added new content to the Using Vehicle Bound File Encryption page.
Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5 as Development Platforms: Removed the sentence referencing Pixel 3 and Pixel 4.
Android Automotive 11 Release Details and Android Automotive 12 Release Details: Added new release details to each page.
What's New: Added November updates. In Bluetooth, switched references for system/bt to packages/modules/Bluetooth, and in Developing Apps, added an ADB command to enable key-event filtering.
Bootloader Added GKI 2.0 boot.img integration information to Enable the USB Gadget HAL APIs.
Published the,, and
pixel bootloader packer/unpacker scripts (temporarily, until the tool is available in AOSP).
Compatibility Sensor Fusion Box Details provides updated production files (from 1.7 to 1.8), with a cleaned-up BOM and 3D file.
Camera ITS Tests: Updated AOSP docs show accurate chart distance requirement. Added test_solid_color_test_pattern description to AOSP test descriptions; updated AOSP test documentation to improve scene descriptions; fixed code font markdown ticks to correctly display PARAMETERS; correctly referenced test descriptions at Camera HAL description page (ITS docs).
Camera ITS-in-a-Box: Removed Galaxy Tab A from the recommended tablets list.
Interpreting CTS Results: Added explanation for TF not saving partial results. Using CTS Verifier has UICC requirements added to verifier.
ATest has updated ACloud usage (local-instance/local-image ONLY) for external users. The Android Test Station Release Notes have November additions. Camera HAL Testing Checklist has a new reference to test descriptions at Camera HAL.
Connectivity Time Overview: Added clarification details for time zone settings. Clarification added to IMS Service Entitlement for the network traffic path, ImsServiceEntitlement app. Implementing IMS was updated to include information regarding carrier and device configurations. Quick Access Wallet has updated images; Secure NFC has updated screenshots.
Graphics On Implementing Vulkan various references to per-1.0 WSI naming were fixed. Multiple Refresh Rate has removed the reference to use_frame_rate_api.
Media Compatible Media Transcoding has additional information on behavior for devices without HDR-to-SDR encoding and improved description of device requirements for HEVC encoding
Permissions Implementing USB HAL has been updated to mention Gadget 1.2 features.
Security Validating SELinux has removed the other reference to audit2allow in AOSP. The Android Security Acknowledgements and Andriod Release Security Acknowledgements pages contain November additions. Customizing SELinux has an added description about system_ext/product policy.
Setup Building Kernels has Pixel 6 kernel-build information. Codenames, Tags, and Build Numbers lists updated build numbers for November EMR, updated build numbers for security releases 2021-11, and updated build numbers for Pixel 6 releases.
Debugging HWAddressSanitizer has added a link to the Developer documentation. (See the note box at the top of the page.)

October 2021

Android 12 documentation made available on this newly designed site. The site redesign includes these updates to the site navigation:

  • Docs dropdown menu: Hover over the Docs tab to see an overview of all the information found on the site.
  • Expanded left navigation: Use the dynamic left navigation bar to explore sections without leaving the current page.
  • New sections
    • Core Topics: Includes topics such as architecture, camera, connectivity, media, and tests.
    • Compatibility: Includes information about the Compatibility Design Document (CDD) and the Compatibility Test Suite (CTS).
    • Android Devices: Includes information on Automotive, Enterprise, and Android TV.
Location Change
Architecture Android Common Kernels
Updated KMI kernel compatibility description shows the new plan for KMI breaks.
FCM Lifecycle
Updated the terminology table show the max level and framework HAL deprecation schedules.
Added max-level and framework HAL deprecation schedule to the framework manifest example.
AIDL Backends
Added a note about nested types under Importing types in the AIDL Backends page and an example to Overview.
Android Automotive Simulate Networks in Android Automotive OS
Added Simulate Networks in Android Automotive OS (new page).
System Performance Tools
Added System Performance Tools (new page).
User Interface Frameworks
Added User Interface Frameworks (new page).
Customization Guidelines
Updated the customization guidelines.
Implementing Custom User Types
Added Implementing Custom User Types (new page).
Instrument Cluster
Added section Using CarAppFocusManager. This page now provides steps for using CarAppFocusManager to set and listen for the current application focus, such as active navigation or a voice command.
Compatibility Android 12 Compatibility Definition
Updated Android CDD requirements (and affected documentation in the Compatibility section) for Android 12.
Virtual Devices in Android Test Station
Added description about Acloud for virtual devices in ATS under Setting test resources.
Test through Tradefed
Added new steps to retry isolation and configure global test filters to the Test through Tradefed page.
Media Compatible Media Transcoding
Added a new paragraph for Restrictions on requesting transcoded files.
Setup Build Kernels
Updated the build instructions for Android 12 under Downloading sources and build tools.
Android Rust Patterns
Added new section for Rust-Java interop and Build definition to the Android Rust Patterns page.