Site Updates

This page describes significant revisions to Please see the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) docs/ log for the complete list of changes to this site.

April 2017

Welcome to a new! The site has been overhauled to make it easier for you to navigate, search, and read its ever-growing set of information. Here is a summary of enhancements:

More screen real estate, larger type size

The entire site is wider, allowing you to view more content at once. Code samples and commands are more visible, and all text has been enlarged.

Mobile-ready view

The new site renders more cleanly on handheld devices with a dedicated mobile view.

new mobile view

Figure 1. Site's new mobile view

New top-level tabs

The former Devices tab has been renamed Porting, while the old Core Technologies subtab has been renamed Tuning and moved to the top of the site for better exposure.

Security at the forefront

With an ever-increasing focus on security in Android, the Security tab has been moved forward (next to Source) to reflect its importance.

Better reference materials

Hardware Abstraction Layer and Trade Federation reference materials are available directly from a top-level Reference tab.

The AOSP code repository is always just a click away with the Go to Code button at the top right of every page.

Comprehensive footers

In addition to the existing About, Community, and Legal footers, you can now find a complete list of links at the bottom of every page for building Android, connecting with the ecosystem, and getting help with the operating system's use.