Contact Us

Thanks for your interest in Android compatibility! This page describes the contact methods for inquiries regarding the Android compatibility program, including the Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) and Compatibility Test Suite (CTS). See the Community page for communication channels regarding other topics.

For CDD and CTS technical questions

If you have technical questions about Android compatibility that aren't covered in this site, you can seek help from your peers on the android-compatibility list.

To make best use of this list, please first read Getting the Most from Our Lists on the Community page. Users looking for help with Android devices should contact their carrier or manufacturer for help.

For business inquiries

Finally, business inquiries about the compatibility program, including requests to use branding elements and similar, can be sent to the address This address is for specific, private inquiries; general questions will be directed back to the android-compatibility list.

While we read every email that is received at the android-partnerships alias, we cannot respond to each of them. Please note, we will be in contact if we can help you.