Report Bugs

Thank you for your interest in Android! One of the best ways you can help us improve Android is to let us know about any problems you find with it.

Note: For security vulnerabilities, please use the AOSP bug tracker Security bug report template. See Reporting Security Issues for additional details.

Here's how to report non-security bugs:

  • Search for your bug to see if anyone has already reported it. Don't forget to search for all issues, not just open ones, as your issue might already have been reported and closed. To help you find the most popular results, sort the result by number of stars.

  • If you find your issue and it's important to you, star it! That's how we know which bugs are most important to fix.

  • If no one has reported your bug, file the bug. You can use one of these templates:

Keep in mind that an issue tracker is not a user support forum. It is a list of pending technical tasks, along with information relevant for those tasks, and information about progress on those tasks including which ones might get worked on in the short term.

This issue tracker is narrowly focused on the Android Open Source Project. Issues with retail devices need to be reported through those devices' support channels, especially for devices other than Nexus. Issues with applications that aren't part of AOSP need to be reported with those applications' developers; that is also the case for Google applications.

Please note that we can't guarantee that any particular bug can be fixed in any particular release. To see what happens to your bug once you report it, read Life of a Bug.

In general, please put as much information in bugs as you can. Just a one liner telling us something isn't working is usually useless, and will probably be closed without any action. The more detail you provide, the more likely your issue is to be resolved.