GnssData Struct Reference

GnssData Struct Reference

#include < gps.h >

Data Fields

size_t  size
size_t  measurement_count
GnssMeasurement   measurements [ GNSS_MAX_MEASUREMENT ]
GnssClock   clock

Detailed Description

Represents a reading of GNSS measurements. For devices where GnssSystemInfo 's year_of_hw is set to 2016+, it is mandatory that these be provided, on request, when the GNSS receiver is searching/tracking signals.

  • Reporting of GPS constellation measurements is mandatory.
  • Reporting of all tracked constellations are encouraged.

Definition at line 1935 of file gps.h .

Field Documentation

The GPS clock time reading.

Definition at line 1946 of file gps.h .

size_t measurement_count

Number of measurements.

Definition at line 1940 of file gps.h .

The array of measurements.

Definition at line 1943 of file gps.h .

size_t size

set to sizeof(GnssData)

Definition at line 1937 of file gps.h .

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