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Option Annotates a field as representing a IConfiguration option. 
OptionClass Annotates a class as representing a IConfiguration object. 


IConfigDefLoader Interface for retrieving a ConfigurationDef. 
IConfiguration Configuration information for a TradeFederation invocation. 
IConfigurationFactory Factory for creating IConfigurations  
IConfigurationReceiver Simple interface to represent object that accepts an IConfiguration
IGlobalConfiguration A class to encompass global configuration information for a single Trade Federation instance (encompassing any number of invocations of actual configurations). 


ArgsOptionParser Populates Option fields from parsed command line arguments. 
Configuration A concrete IConfiguration implementation that stores the loaded config objects in a map  
ConfigurationDef Holds a record of a configuration, its associated objects and their options. 
ConfigurationFactory Factory for creating IConfiguration
ConfigurationFactory.ConfigId A simple struct-like class that stores a configuration's name alongside the arguments for any <template-include> tags it may contain. 
ConfigurationFactory.ConfigLoader Implementation of IConfigDefLoader that tracks the included configurations from one root config, and throws an exception on circular includes. 
ConfigurationXmlParser Parses a configuration.xml file. 
ConfigurationXmlParser.ConfigHandler SAX callback object. 
ConfigurationXmlParserSettings A simple class to accept settings for the ConfigurationXmlParser

To pass settings to this class, the alias is mandatory. 

GlobalConfiguration An IGlobalConfiguration implementation that stores the loaded config objects in a map  
OptionCopier A helper class that can copy Option field values with same names from one object to another. 
OptionSetter Populates Option fields. 


OptionUpdateRule Controls the behavior when an option is specified multiple times. 


ConfigurationException Thrown if configuration could not be loaded.