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ClassPathScanner.IClassPathFilter A filter for classpath entry paths

Patterned after FileFilter  

ConditionPriorityBlockingQueue.IMatcher<T> An interface for determining if elements match some sort of condition. 
IEmail Interface for sending email. 
IRunUtil Interface for running timed operations and system commands. 
IRunUtil.IRunnableResult An interface for asynchronously executing an operation that returns a boolean status. 


AaptParser Class that extracts info from apk by parsing output of 'aapt dump badging'. 
AbiFormatter Utility class for abi. 
Alarm A thread which waits for a period of time and then interrupts a specific other thread. 
ArrayUtil Utility methods for arrays  
AttenuatorUtil An utility used to control WiFi/bluetooth attenuator through its ip network connection Designed for Mini-circuit USB/ETHERNET programmable attenuator  
BluetoothUtils Utility functions for calling BluetoothInstrumentation on device

Device side BluetoothInstrumentation code can be found in AOSP at: frameworks/base/core/tests/bluetoothtests  

BuildTestsZipUtils A helper class for operations related to tests zip generated by Android build system  
BulkEmailer A email sender utility that allows the following configuration: sent interval,initial burst size, recipients and the total number messages. 
ByteArrayList A class to represent a lightweight byte array. 
CircularAtraceUtil An atrace utility developed primarily for identifying the root causes of ANRs during Monkey testing. 
CircularByteArray Data structure for holding a fixed size array that operates as a circular buffer, and tracks the total sum of all values in the array. 
ClassPathScanner Finds entries on classpath. 
ClassPathScanner.ClassNameFilter A ClassPathScanner.IClassPathFilter that filters and transforms java class names. 
ClassPathScanner.ExternalClassNameFilter A ClassPathScanner.ClassNameFilter that rejects inner classes  
CommandResult Contains the result of a command. 
ConditionPriorityBlockingQueue<T> A thread-safe class with PriorityBlockingQueue-like operations that can retrieve objects that match a certain condition. 
ConditionPriorityBlockingQueue.AlwaysMatch<T> A ConditionPriorityBlockingQueue.IMatcher that matches any object. 
DeviceConcurrentUtil Contains utility methods and classes for concurrent device side command execution

Use ExecutorService to run commands implemented as DeviceConcurrentUtil.ShellCommandCallable, and use joinFuture(String, Future, long) for synchronization against the Future as returned by ExecutorService for the command execution. 

DeviceConcurrentUtil.ShellCommandCallable<V> A Callable that wraps the details of executing shell command on an ITestDevice
Email A helper class to send an email. 
FakeTestsZipFolder A testing fixture that creates a fake unzipped tests folder based on a list of content. 
FileUtil A helper class for file related operations  
FixedByteArrayOutputStream An in-memory OutputStream that only keeps a maximum amount of data. 
IEmail.Message Container for email message data. 
JUnitXmlParser Parser that extracts test result data from JUnit results stored in ant's XMLJUnitResultFormatter and forwards it to a ITestInvocationListener. 
ListInstrumentationParser A ERROR(/IShellOutputReceiver) that parses the output of a 'pm list instrumentation' query  
LogcatUpdaterEventParser Parse logcat input for system updater related events. 
LogcatUpdaterEventParser.AsyncUpdaterEvent A monitor object which allows callers to receive events asynchronously. 
MultiMap<K, V> A Map that supports multiple values per key. 
NullUtil A class with utility functions to help with dealing with null  
Pair<A, B> Define our own Pair class which contains two objects. 
PropertyChanger A utility class for changing (or adding) items in an Android property file  
RegexTrie<V> The RegexTrie is a trie where each stored segment of the key is a regex Pattern
RegexTrie.CompPattern Patterns aren't comparable by default, which prevents you from retrieving them from a HashTable. 
RunUtil A collection of helper methods for executing operations. 
SimpleStats A small utility class that calculates a few statistical measures given a numerical dataset. 
SizeLimitedOutputStream A thread safe file backed OutputStream that limits the maximum amount of data that can be written. 
StreamUtil Utility class for managing input streams. 
StringEscapeUtils Utility class for escaping strings for specific formats. 
TableFormatter Helper class to display a matrix of String elements so each element column is lined up  
TestLoader A class for loading all JUnit3 tests in a jar file  
TimeUtil Contains time related utility methods. 
TimeVal This is a sentinel type which wraps a Long
UniqueMultiMap<K, V> A MultiMap that ensures unique values for each key. 
ZipUtil A helper class for compression-related operations  


BinaryState Enum used to record ON/OFF state with a IGNORE no-op state. 
CommandStatus Represents the status of an timed operation. 
UpdaterEventType Event types for LogcatUpdaterEventParser


FileUtil.LowDiskSpaceException Thrown if usable disk space is below minimum threshold. 
RunInterruptedException Thrown when a run operation is interrupted by an external request.